Meet the Crew

IllusiaAlisha – Illusia

Illusia captures the stage with her beaming smile and will spin your world on a new axis.

Illusia is a Vancouver Hoop Dancer and choreographer who has performed across western Canada and internationally since 2011. She has created various illusions through hoop dance including burlesque, sustained spinning, fire, and LED. When she is not on stage, Illusia shares her passion and skills teaching hoop classes. Illusia has delighted audiences at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, Taboo Sex Show, the City of Calgary, Cenovus, Nha Trang Vietnam, Screamfest Calgary among many others.


There is nothing criminal about taking a vacation from the mind. Too often, we are so focused on life that we forget to play. In Latin, alibi literally translates to “somewhere else.” The defendant in spin is innocent, and so are you. Put your thoughts aside and connect through hoop dance.

Chelsee Alibī has trained internationally in Southeast Asia, Canada and the United States. Based out of Vancouver, she regularly performs at festivals and community events. She specializes in fire entertainment, LED shows, and burlesque.

Chelsee works as a Registered Nurse, and believes meditation plays a significant role in human health. She dreams of the day where activities like yoga and hoop dance will be seamlessly integrated into the health care system.


Melissa Spinja was introduced to hoop dance  in the summer of 2010 when she was invited by two girls to go “hoop” in the park with them. Captivated by the movement and joy expressed by her friends, she decided to give it a whirl. Her discovery of hooping  inspired a feeling of freedom, expression and body awareness, which she had never had before. A new-found love was born. Thriving for more self discoveries, Melissa became very involved with her hoop and with encouragement from family and friends it wasn’t long before she began performing. Some have said that Melissa’s hoop steeze is one of a kind.
As a teacher and a student, Melissa aspires to create, learn and share the many benefits that hoop dance has to offer.

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